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Crush4U is an infamous boy band formed in the mid-90s. The members are J-Frog, Mortimer, Auden, and Xaden. J-Frog is voiced by Joey Fatone, Mortimer is voiced by Shawn Stockman, Auden is voiced by Nick Lachey and Xaden is voiced by Joey McIntyre.


  • Note: This is all fanmade, not canon.


  • Mortimer was born.


  • Auden was born.
  • J-Frog was born under the name "Jackson".
  • Xaden was born.


  • When Auden first saw fireworks, it gave him a photosensitive cause. The noise wasn't scary at all.


  • J-Frog earned his name when he found out he loved frogs so much that he had lots of plush frogs in his bedroom.


  • Auden first met J-Frog, Xaden and Mortimer in San Francisco.
  • The four members recorded their first song, "Watch Out World".


  • The band named themselves "San Francisco Boyz".
  • "Watch Out World" was released.
  • The band released their first album, "World of Wonder".


  • The band covered for "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley.
  • The band released the soundtrack "Thanks".
  • The band got interviewed on "The Alexia Smith Show", and debuted the song "Don't Freak Out (When Social Situations Get Freaky)" afterward.
  • The band was featured in the mid-90s special "I Got to Dance With Da Boyz!"


  • The band won an Emmy award for the song "We Got A Crush (And It Is A Crush For You)" under the title "Best Boy Band Song from '97", and celebrated success by being renamed as "Crush4U".
  • The band released their soundtrack "You're F**king Right".


  • The band founded a production company called "A 25 Candles Production", and put statues of themselves, fireworks, and torches at a New York skyline for the closing logo. Their first project for it was "The Dancing Zombie Dolls", which was released in June 1999, and acquired in syndication by Hasbro. It was a miniseries starring Auden as "Brandi", J-Frog as "Angel", Xaden as "Yoyo", and Mortimer as "Hydro".




  • The popular show string Mortimer called "The Bad King In The Brooklyn" premiered on StreetCord Network.


  • Auden tried Carolina Reaper peppers for the first time in life.
  • J-Frog took the rapping career.


  • The band debuted their #1 hit, "My Heart Hearts Your Heart", which later became present in their soundtrack "My Future in the Past", and on the Internet. It would later be present in the real world in 2019.
  • The band released a 3 hour and 15 minute stand up/interview/concert show called "FanLove! 10 Years of Crush4U's Discographic Excitement!".


  • The songs "Books Overdue", "Don't Freak Out (When Social Situations Get Freaky)" and "My Heart Hearts Your Heart" released in the real world.


  • J-Frog moved out from the band to a single rapper career he had since 2005, as Susan replaced him.


  • The band respectively broke up because they were 50 years old.



  • They are basically a homage of boy bands like *NSYNC, Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and New Kids on the Block, which Fatone, Stockman, Lachey, and McIntyre were members of respectively.
  • Audrey thinks they're mega cute.
  • J-Frog is Audrey's dad.
  • According to a fan of the series, they first met in 1995 and officially released their first song in 1996.Bold text
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