Fireworks Week is a fictional autumn festival in Milan, Italy in Harvey Girls Forever!. It is Richie's favorite event during the fall times around the world.

The event was run by 16-year-old Kitty Carson, a friend of mine of Richie who has been a sheriff until she smuggled pyrotechnics from her father in law.


The Milanese people visit there to make special fireworks for the night of that day. They also serve the traditional Affogatto for the coming of fall, go for rides and games as if it was an amusement park, and they watch the fireworks as it's complete with special live performances, for example, Crush4U in the episode where the event happened and My Purple Agony in Euromania!, amongst others.

Creating the fireworks

In Kitty's office near the Affogatto stand is where you create your own fireworks art for the quality entertainment. The colors can be selected, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, violet, amethyst, silver, etc. Styles of fireworks can be selected as well, from brocades and horsetails to peonies and crossettes to willows and Catherine wheels, or it can be in different shapes, such as star, heart, smile face, diamond, snowflake, your face, etc. Legend says that when the show starts with explosions of different colors, kids "ooh" and "ahh" at this Milanese spectacle.


2020-07-27 (7)

Richie mentioning his Fireworks Week visit in Harvey Girls Forever!'s fourth season.

The canonical episode Crush 4U, Where RU? showed that Richie has been there once after he sees fireworks in the Crush4U concert.

In the episode Fireworks Week, Richie introduces the Harvey Girls to the celebration. The celebration was mentioned its sister episode Know Your Friendship.

In the episode Now It's Con: The Sequel, Chloe Claireson has a shirt on that says "I met KITTY CARSON in MILAN!!! #FireworksWeek".

In Euromania, the Fireworks Week fireworks show took place presenting the Europe flags and Europe landmarks.

The episode A Tale of Three Kiddies 2: Worldwide Visits reveals Richie as a young child in Fireworks Week prior to Crush 4U, Where RU?. This was how he first met Kitty in Milan, also bringing Dap-O-Tron with him. He also brought in a Milan exclusive, Fireworks-Creator-O-Tron, which created fireworks for the display, impressing Kitty. That night, Richie and Dap-O-Tron did the sparklers, and some of their created fireworks appear afterward.

In the episode Chevron in Milan, Richie takes the Harvey Girls and Chevron to the celebration, where Chevron learns all about fireworks.

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