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Gloria Glad (full name: Gloriyana "Gloria" Glad Jr.) is a character on Harvey Girls Forever!. She is based on the Richie Rich character Gloria Glad.


Gloria is the youngest of the Harvey Girls.


Gloria was in Richie's baby bump due to an unknown reason.

Gloria's first appearance was The Grand Return and New Friends as baby bump in Richie, but was never born until the episode Mystery gift.


  • Despite her ancestor being older than her, she is a baby to preschooler.
    • In early seasons, she talks like a regular baby. She started to talk in the episode "Fireworks Roleplay".
  • According to IMDb, Gloria is confirmed to appear in Harvey Girls Forever! for its real 5th season!
    • She will not be a baby and voiced by Kelly Packard, she will be an 11-year-old girl and voiced by America Ferrera.