Here is the list of Harvey Girls Forever! episodes.

Season 1

  • War and Trees/Trade Wreck
  • While You Weren't Sleeping/The Secret Strife of Pets
  • Harveyween/New Kid on the Block
  • It's a Wonderful LARP/My Sectional Romance
  • Campfire Weekend/Girls Just Wanna Save Fun
  • FruLess/Citizen Cape
  • Cereal/Tiny Danger
  • A Matter of Life and BFF/Cheer and Present Danger
  • Wary Lotta & the Chamber of Secrets/VHMess
  • The Great Brain Robbery/Can't Purr-y Love
  • Elder Skelter/A More Perfect Reunion
  • Clinging in the Rain/Raccoon Hoarder Picture Show
  • Pretty in Pinkeye/The Monsters Are Due on Harvey Street

Season 2

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