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Season 5 is a fan-made fifth season Harvey Girls Forever!, and first season of Harvey Girls Fanonever!. It will take after Season 4. It premiered on Cartoon Network and HBO Max on June 3, 2020. It has 21 episodes rather than 13.

After airing Sin-dependence Day/I Want Them!, the show went on hiatus until December 2020 just to air The Xmas Sucks, Right?/Crush 5-4-3-2-1U, then went back to hiatus until June 2021.

Full Harvey Girls Fanonever! cast (top row: Frufru, Gerald, The Bow and Bobby; center row: Tiny, Lucretia, Mayda, Melvin, Pinkeye and Fredo; bottom row: Wendy, Gloriyana, Dot, Lotta, Audrey, Richie and Casper)

Plot Overview

After 3 months of events in last episode, Lotta back to Harvey Street reuniting with Audrey, Dot and Richie, while Richie is pregnant and has to raise a baby named Gloria Glad. They will experience new adventures again and discover more amazing places and also they'll deal with a villains! Also Harvey Girls and firends will have ocassion to meet Wendy the Good Little Witch, whom she has to babysit Richie.


  1. O Grande Retorno e Novos Amigos

Summary: Lotta is back to Harvey Street reuniting with Audrey Dot and Richie, after Lotta’s family fixed their past mistake of moving to Cincinnati

2. Urban Jungle/The Fast and Crazy

Summary: The kids are organizing a plant contest. Dot breeds a plant, who gets out of control after growth./Harvey Kids organize a race in Harvey Street and everyone built a vehicle.

3. Starry night/You Can't Hide


4. Crush 4 Wedding/Corona-Who?

Summary: The Harvey Girls discover that Crush4U has a wedding party planned out where Auden is marrying Chloe Claireson. Following it, Audrey has the option to find Auden's ring, while Richie is soon making way for the baby!/Gloriyana Glad sometimes has the case of Pneumonia, which may cause Coronavirus for the Harvey kids. COVID-19 special.

5. Ride to the Challenge/Mystery gift

Summary: The Harvey Street Horse Race goes underway. Will Lotta win for sure while Richie watches due to pregnancy?/The Harvey Kids play a kickball game, which later interrupts when Harvey Girls take Richie to the hospital to give birth to his baby, Gloria Glad.

6. Harvey School/Jumprope test

Summary: Harvey Girls organize a playing school but they have attempts during lunchtime when the Bloogey Boys put boogers in Audrey's sandwich./Audrey proves her skills for the Jump-Rope-Test-O-Lympics.

7. The Girls who Called Wolf

Summary: Harvey Girls, Richie prepares to anniversary celebration of the foundation of Harvey Street. But the wolf pack led by Blackjack want conquer Harvey Street. Lotta befriend with teenage wolf named Alex.

8. Fireworks Week/Know Your Friendship

Summary: Richie takes the Harvey Girls to Milan. A girl named Phoebe is abandoned until Dot has to befriend her.

9. Audrey/A CLG Logo Nightmare


10. Sin-dependence Day/I Want Them!


11. The Xmas Sucks, Right?/Crush 5-4-3-2-1U

Summary: Harvey Kids prepare to Christmas pageant, but Audrey sees she and Zoe were on the naughty list./Crush4You comes to see Harvey Girls and celebrate New Year Eve with them, but Lotta can't remember how New Year Eve is celebrated?

12. Return of the Dingos/Boomcretia


13. No rush hour/Befriended girl


14. Crush 4 Fireworks/Attack of the Killer Snakes


15. Now It's Con: The Sequel!


16. The Wedding/Harvey Knock Life

Summary :

17. All Signs Point to.../[[


18. Coelhinhos e tubarões / O QUÊ MELVIN?


☀Audrey and Lotta have a rabbits vs sharks contest but the rabbits have such a strong capacity that the two start a rabbits and sharks competition. / Melvin thinks that as their stupid rivalry with Audrey ended, he decided to remember the plan that Audrey spoke with despair in the episode "The great brain robbery" audrey said "why would you marry me?"

so he started hitting on her but Audrey thought it was strange ... so there is a moment when he KISSES her and he does some crazy things like going into her house through the window and madly sleeping with her saying in the morning "yesterday was hot right no ? "





21. Le Dancer/Fanfic Schmanfic