Season 6 is the sixth season of Harvey Girls Forever!


1. I Mess With A Cats Yarn/When You Get Suspended For Making Fake Lockdown


2. Space Monkey Business/10,000 Before Harvey Street

Summary: Audrey meet a chimp, who came from space travel. They think that he want go back to Monkey park, but there's something else --- Dot is having a birthday party planned there./Harvey Girls and Richie when stuck in cave want get out from itbut during search of exit, discovers prehistoric paintings showing prehistory of land called Harvey Valley.

3. When Richie goes to Harvey Street Shed/Lotta gets married


4. Audrey vs. The Bad Word/The Three Indians


5. The ants everywhere!/Dot! Where is your brain?

Summary: Lotta befriend with anteater, but in Harvey Street was a plague of ants and the kids want get rid of them./Dot experimenting to make her more intelligent, but it has a side effect when she loses her mind and becomes stupid.

6. The Street Ninja/Is There an Doctor in the House?

Summary: Richie met a ninja./Melvin is sick and Audrey and Maria both compete against each other over who's a better caretaker.

7. Happy Easter Day for Lotta

Summary: Lotta prepares to Easter Day and want met an Easter Bunny.

8. Best Newbies/The Morning of the Friday


9. What's your favorite color? / Good luck at Harvey 

Summary: The kids talk about what their favorite colors are, and Richie can't decide. Harvey high does Fighting Bananas sendoff.

10. Happy Holi/Asleep on The Midst of Harvey Dawn

Summary: Colors everywhere!/When Dot finds out that she is stranded on Harvey Island, she has to find the right way to go back.

11. The Cougar Girls

Summary: The Harvey Girls are excited about the Fourth of July! In the midst of a big party, Lotta meet two cougar cub, who arrived from far forest and befriends with them, but she doesn't realize, that their mother search them and her presence can ruin their holiday. With those fireworks flying high, it's the Harvey Girls vs. "Harvey Street Beast" in a star-spangled showdown like never before!

12. Get Her, Snowball!

Summary: At a New Year's party, Snowball appears from the forest far away, and Lotta wants to care for her. And upon reaching zero in the countdown, it's up to Audrey to show Snowball who's boss, which will cause the kids to say "negative one", "negative two" and so on.

13: The Question/Made of Honor


14. Reunited


15. Just Some Picnic Foods/The Street Ninja II: The Bladenning!


16. The Harvey Girls' Truth or Harv


17. Euromania!

Summary: Harvey Girls and Richie are going on a trip around Europe. They'll visit various countries learning about culture and experiencing adventures. This special is an hour long.

18. The Sight Lost with Color / Flu-Itis!

Summary: Bobby is holding the annual fireworks show, and Dot is losing color sight.

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