[HG sign title card reads "The Fast and Crazy"]

[Audrey is watching Fast and Furious 6]

Television: Ha ha! You're on a bridge 100 feet above me! There's no way you can catch me now! (music) Hey, what about me? (more music) Oh my God! Michelle! I'm so happy to see... (gunshots) Well that really gravels my voice. Apparently my gun only holds one bullet so I'm just going to go now. Bye-ee.

Audrey: Yes! Fast and Furious 6! I want to make a race for the street to enjoy based on it!

(Audrey rushes off, seeing her friends already organizing the race.)

Dot: It's about time, Aud.

Audrey: Wow! I see that you organizing the race, I presume?

Lotta: To racing we need built own vehicle.

Audrey: Does it have bunnies on that?

Lotta: It will have some bunnies...

Dot: And it will dots on it too!

Lotta: Okay! We suggested the Bloogey Boys and the Fighting Bananas in the race! And hey, Audrey, are you to win before Zoe does?

Audrey: Sure hell right!

(Frufru appears)

Audrey: Frufru your here! Are you going to to the race?

Frufru: No, I have plans to go to the lake and watch the fireworks. I'm making this the grand prize from the race, and the winning team gets to go there on time for them after the race, all right?

Audrey: Yes, it will be fun!

Lotta: Okay, I'm excited! My first roller coaster ride from my little Lotta days was awesome! That was when my nana took me to the carnival, I was excited for the roller coaster! She watched me enjoy it myself.

Audrey: No roller coasters, Lotta!

Dot: It's a race, not a carnival or backstory!

Audrey: Yeah, man!

Lotta: No, I got this! Then we had funnel cake, and there were fireworks that very night! They were cool!

Frufru: Nice story, I'm leaving. Enjoy your race. (Leaving)

Dot: A fireworks at the lake with Frufru? Sounds fun! I have always loved fireworks ever since I was a baby!

(Flashback to Baby Dot watching fireworks, and one creates a rainbow)

(Flashback ends)

Dot: Come on, Audrey, let's make a vehicle!

(Harvey Girls make their own vehicle)

Dot: Complete. How many laps?

Audrey: 100?

Dot: To many, how about 10?

Audrey: Okay.

(Harvey Girls enters to the vehicle)

Audrey: Time to test this precious.

(Harvey Girls tests their vehicle and drive)

(The vehicle suddenly breaks)

Harvey Girls: (gasp)

Dot: Son of a bi--- (TV static sound) (Symbols on her mouth with a bleep) Our vehicle is broken! Richie!!!

(Richie appears)

Richie: What! What is it now?

Lotta: Our vehicle broke down because it had too much oil power!

Richie: Yeah, no need for oil power on your vehicle! Gloria announced this race where it's three-personed teams in their own vehicle. She also said that the winning team and vehicle gets the grand prize, which is a time on the lake with Frufru to see fireworks.

(Gloria appears)

Gloria: (babbles in translation of "That's correct, and Richie and I will be the judges. So if you want to see the fireworks with Frufru, you girls HAVE to win!")

Lotta: We will, Gloria. I can't wait to win! Should we make another vehicle?

(Gloria has another vehicle looking like the one before it broke, spray paint and stickers.)

Gloria: (babbles in translation of "You can, with a nice vehicle like this, you can decorate with nice stickers.")

Audrey: And spray paint it too? I can't wait to decorate! But something's in my mind...

(Zooming into Inner Audreys watching Fast and Furious 6)

Television: Oh my God! Michelle! I'm so happy to see... (gunshots) Well that really gravels my voice.

(Back to reality)

Audrey: Okay, let's get decorating!

(Montage of the girls decorating vehicle with spray paint and stickers.)

Dot: All finished. Should we test it now? Okay, I think we should because it's new.

(Harvey Girls test their vehicle and drive)

Audrey: Yes! It worked! It never got broken! And hey, is that Melvin's vehicle? I also see Fredo and Pinkeye in it, AND Melvin!

(The Bloogey Boys appear)

Melvin: Hello Aud. Nice car. But what you think about our vehicle?

(Melvin shows Bloogey Boys' vehicle with skull) 

Audrey: It's cool, isn't it?

Lotta: See our vehicle? (Lotta shows their vehicle with bunnies and dots)

Dot: We made this one because our old vehicle for the same race broke.

Pinkeye: (To viewer) Cue the KNN News.

(Kids News Network (KNN) logo appears)

(We are now in a newsroom where Todd and Juanita are sitting

Todd: Good afternoon, I'm SuperTodd.

Juanita: And I'm Juanita Tennasynn.

Todd: And we're live with the KNN News. A pack of girls broke down a vehicle decorated festively, and the vehicle was for an upcoming race that will happen later today.

Juanita: Don't forget that we will record the race live. Now, anyway, here's our digital reporter Penny.

(Back outside at the park, where Penny is standing with Audrey and the vehicle that was broken.)

Penny: Thank you, Juanita. I am standing here with Harvey Street citizen Audrey Axel Fire Moon Phoenix O'Danger Blaze Firecracker, whom she is investigating the broken vehicle. (Walks over passing her microphone to Audrey's mouth)

Audrey: Okay, so, when we tested our decorative-tastic car, it had too much oil power, which tended to break down without a kind of an explosion.

Penny: (Brings her microphone to her mouth) So why didn't the race car explode? (Back to Audrey)

Audrey: Well, it just didn't explode. The car doors fell down first. Then there was a load of smoke! The smoke emitted from every engine.

Penny: So the smoke came up from the vehicle and the car doors fell. Is it correct?

Audrey: Yeah. And luckily we did build a new one.

Penny: Well, I hope to see you in the race.

Audrey: Thanks.

Juanita: And so, Penny said smoke was emitting from the all engines inside the vehicle and the car doors fell. Coming up next, car crash on the roads of New York. Then we have Church broken down by huge chicken family.

Todd: And after, it's our race live from Harvey Street in the state of North Confetti.

Juanita: And now, a word from our sponsor.

(News ends, and the Fighting Bananas appear)

Zoe: Hello, Harvey Gals. I see you have own car, eh?

Audrey: Yeah, and thanks to this we will win.

Zoe: But our car is much faster than yours.

(Zoe shows a vehicle with banana-theme)

Audrey: What is it? Banana mobile?

Zoe: It sure is sister!

Lotta: Wow, that car looks very nice. Let's practice for the race.

(All test drive their vehicles and practice racing)

Audrey: great practice, Zoe!

Zoe: Thanks.

Melvin: That was awesome! And we're just in time, to!

(KNN logo)

(We are now at the race track at sunset)

Todd: Good afternoon, it's SuperTodd again.

Juanita: And I'm Juanita Tennasynn. Welcome to the Harvey Street Three Teams One Vehicle Race! Winning team gets Grand prize, going to lake to see fireworks with Frufru. Penny?

Penny: Yes, Juanita, I am standing here with Melvin and Maria Wisenheimer. It is a very lovely day here at the Harvey Avenue Race Track. Melvin, do you think you can won?

Melvin: Well, I am in a team with Fredo and Pinkeye, Maria is in a team with Stu and Zoe, so, I always win.

Penny: Well, what if you don't?

Melvin: Oh, don't overthink me. I'm always good.

Maria: Okay, he's not going to win, but if my team wins, I don't know then?

Penny: So you think your going to win. Thanks.

Todd: The race is starting, so here's judges Richie Rich and Gloria Glad.

Gloria: (babbles in translation of "Thank you, Todd. I see the Harvey Girls, the Bloogey Boys and the Bananas are lining up to the starting line. It's ten laps around this super cool race track.")

Richie: And they will start going shortly.

Gloria: (babbles in translation of "ok, start ya engines!")

(Harvey Girls, the Bloogey Boys and the Bananas standing at the starting line ready for the race.)

(Red light, then turns into yellow light and at end... green light)

Richie: Here go!

(Harvey Girls, the Bloogey Boys and the Bananas start the race.)

Todd: And look at them go on the first lap! The Harvey Girls are behind on first place!

Audrey: You hear that?

Dot: What?

Audrey: Were going first!

(Bloogey Boys sees Harvey Girls)

Melvin: Step on it, Fredo.

(Bloogey Boys accelerate and they go head to head with Harvey Girls)

Zoe: It's time to pull out the big works.

Stu: What the heck are you doing?

(Banas speeds up)

Nine laps later...

Gloria: (babbles in translation of "And they reached the final lap! The Harvey Girls are pushing in for first place!")

(Harvey Girls, Bloogey Boys and Fighting Bananas go head to head)

Richie: Looks like all three go head to head.

Audrey: Hang on gals!

(Harvey Girls speeds up using turbo and.... cross the finish line first!)

Riche: Unbelievable! They did it! We've got a winner!

Gloria: (babbles in translation of "Yeah! Harvey Girls are winner of this race!")

Todd: Wow, we have an amazing winner, the Harvey Girls! Congratulations to them for outstanding pride, and they can now go with Frufru! Penny, what now?

Penny: Yes, Todd, I'm taking Frufru and the Harvey Girls to the fireworks show right away.

Todd: Okay.

(Later at the lake)

Frufru: Thanks Penny, now this is where the Harvey Girls see they're beautiful fireworks show here.

Audrey: You think we will miss firework? No way. We came here to see this after the race.

Frufru: No, you don't have to miss it.

Audrey: After this we invite on the movie: the Fast and Furious 6. Including you, if you want.

Frufru: Okay. After the fireworks show.

(Todd and Juanita are sitting in their news desk. Juanita stares at the sky and Todd stares at the viewer. The KNN News Network logo watermarks appear also.)

Todd: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to see the magnificent display! Penny?

Penny: Yes, Todd, I am standing here awaiting for the fireworks.

Audrey: Nice reporting, Penny.


Penny: And they're off! Just look at these red and green diadems. Aren't they pretty? (Boom!) Wow, these are some beautiful crossettes! I love those! (Boom!) And this is the big finale! Look at these glittering palms!

Todd and Juanita: Wow!

Dot: Wow! What a splendid firework! And a very lovely day!

(Everyone look at fireworks which are shimmering with various colors. After that, they celebrate watching movie.)

Television: Michelle is your family. Family is the most important above all things. Family, that is. Yes. Family. Family. Family.

Audrey: Yeah. We are family.

Frufru: Congratulations, girls! You made it to the finish!

Dot: Aww! Thanks so much!

(They all give Frufru a nice big hug, and we zoom out from the Harvey Girls HQ, then as we shift up to the sky, the episode ends with more fireworks.)

The end

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