The Girls who Called Wolf is a fan-made episode of Harvey Girls Forever!.


Harvey Girls, Richie prepares to anniversary celebration of the foundation of Harvey Street. But the wolf pack led by Blackjack want conquer Harvey Street. Lotta befriend with teenage wolf named Alex.


The episode begins with the intro in reverse. After this, the kids are setting up for a celebration for the anniversary of Harvey Street's founding. They check for the kids attending it, the concert for Crush4U, the fireworks display, the food, the games, and even Crush4U itself.



  • This episode is a reference to "The Boy who Cried Wolf."
  • There are references for every song as it follows:
    • The wolves sing "Be Prepared", a song from The Lion King.
    • The Crush4You song "Not all Bad Wolf" is a parody of "Beautiful People".
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