Opening to "The Girls who called Wolf"

Opening to "The Girls who called Wolf"

[Netflix and DreamWorks logos play, then the Theme Song plays in reverse along with the intro, probably due to the wolves screwing it up. The result goes by "Year Cinnamon Car Safety". Then, a bomb explodes at the screen like a firework cutting to black.]

[HG sign title card reads "The Girls Who Called Wolf"]

[The Kids decorate the place because they prepares for important event]

Audrey: Dot, Richie. Is everything got what we need?

Dot: Yup. We have almost everything. So let's see... hmm, is there any lights?

Audrey: Yes, sir!

Dot: Yes, what else? Makeover of Harvey E. Harveson. Yes, and let me see what else, hmm, kids I invited: check, food stalls: check, fireworks: check, game stands: check, and stage...

Audrey: What is it?

Richie: Lotta sent an email to Crush4You. They are to appear for the anniversary of Harvey Street's founding, but...

Dot: But there is no answer from them yet. It will take a while.

Audrey: Easy head, Dot. They'll come sooner or later, anyway the anniversary of Harvey Street's founding will be ready tomorrow, so don't worry guys. We have a time.

Lotta (runs to Audrey, Richie and Dot): GUYS! GUYS! (stops and panting)

Audrey: Oh, howdy Lotta.

Lotta: (breaths) Guys, they did it.

Dot: Did what?

Lotta: Crush4You answered on Email! And they agreed to occur on the anniversary of Harvey Street's founding!

(Audrey, Dot and Richie are happy hearing this)

Audrey: That's great!

Dot: That's a good news.

Richie: So did they tell you when they?

Lotta: Because it will be tomorrow, they'll comes tomorrow in morning.

Dot: It's seem we've got everything what we need.

Audrey: Yup. BUT!

Lotta: But what?

Audrey: We need make sure that nothing will ruin this event. We need to ensure the safety. Especially from the raccoons.

(hears a howl)

Richie: What was that?

Audrey: Raccoons! I knew it!

Dot: That isn't sounds like raccoon...

Audrey: Maybe, that's sounds like...

(hears a scream)

Audrey: Someone have a trouble. Guys! Let's head out!

(They moves to check what's goin on there)

(When Harvey Girls and Richie arrive they sees a kids chased by... Wolves!)

Dot: The Wolves? Impossible. What they doing in Harvey Street?

Richie: I dunno, but I think they came from the far forest.

Audrey: Let's chase off these mutts back to the forest!

(Harvey Girls and Richie go to action to deal with the wolves)

Audrey: Hey! Catch these! (She threw at them a water ballons)

(Dot uses a drone armed with peas and shoot at wolves scaring off them)

(Lotta uses cape like a matador in result wolf hit on tree)

(Richie uses a laser dot to distract the wolves as a result of which the confused heads collide)

(Goliath glares at them, barks as sign of retreat)

Audrey: And don't back! You know you've got this!

(Kids News Network logo)

(Todd, Juanita and Penny are standing outside behind the Harvey Girls and Richie with microphones.)

Todd: Good evening, we're Todd and Juanita, coming to you live on Harvey Street for the news right now.

Juanita: A pack of wolves has been caught before an anniversary celebration. We are reporting right now with Dot Yorganorg. (Starts to report with Todd) Dot, how did the wolves get here?

Dot: Well, the wolves went there for some reason. We were setting up for our anniversary, but then they went over and we distracted them. Now the wolves won't get away.

Juanita: So are the wolves too dangerous?

Dot: No.

Audrey: Reporters everything allright?

Juanita: Yeah. But I dunno where these wolves comes?

Todd: Thanks Harvey Girls. We can keep a check on you right now.

Lotta: Don't worry. You're safe.

Todd: Now, here's our digital reporter Penny.

Penny: Thanks, Todd. I'm reporting with Audrey.

Audrey: Ahh, who cares? Wolves are so awesome!

Penny: But what if these beast will back to attack us?

Audrey: We will protect you. That's why do the Harvey Girls.

Richie: They better not ruin ours anniversary of Harvey Street's founding, if they'll back everything may be ruined.

(Alex hears their talk)

Audrey: Easy head, Rich. We will be vigilant as gamekeeper.

Richie: I guess you're right.

Penny: Thanks, Audrey.

Todd: So there you have it. Coming up next, Woman Dies Walking On The Streets of Amsterdam. Stay tuned after a word from our sponsor.

(Meanwhile in wolf pack's territory in distant forest, Goliath, Doofus, Alex and other wolves arrived)

Goliath: Boss... we were in park of Harvey Street, but... the kids chased us away and...

Blackjack: You let yourself be chased by little kids of Harvey Street despite of your numerical superiority?

Doofus: Uh.... yeah?

(Goliath slaps in his snout)

Alex: We did as you ordered, but the kids cooperated with each other, but I find out something.

Blackjack: What. Is it?

Alex: They said about some celebrity the anniversary of Harvey Street's founding.

Blackjack: Anniversary of Harvey Street's founding, you say hm? I remember these times when we was banished from our territory.

Alex: What's you mean?

Blackjack: I let you tell the story, which happened long ago: This ridiculous "street", which these lambs live, was a valley covered with forests. It was our hunting ground for wolf pack from our previous generations. We wandered on them, hunted and lived in abundance. But when the humans arrived, they founded a so-called settlement. We were dissatisfied with this and we wanted get rid of them, but these human had a weapon and we didn't have a chance. They banished into the deep of far forest taking us our home. We observed from far when the place is changed and become the street, in which these kid lives.

Goliath: I guess you're gonna conquer Harvey Street to recover our territory?

Doofus: Uhh.... I don't get it.

Goliath: Shut up, Doofus.

Blackjack: That's right. They took our home, we do the same to them! We will hunt down these lambs one by one!

Doofus: But they're a humans not a lambs, boss. Why do you called a lambs?

Blackjack: Silence! We will attack the Harvey Street tonight before the anniversary of Harvey Street's founding! And you Alex.

Alex: Yes, boss?

Blackjack: You have a special job for you: You will go there and you'll find out what they plan.

Alex: Why do you assign me for this?

Blackjack: Because you're my apprentice, the most trusted member of our pack. I believe that you will succeed. Remember that I raised you and I taught many things how to be a wolf and who is our enemies.

Alex: Yes, boss. I'll do it.

Blackjack: Excellent.

(The song Be Prepared start)

Blackjack: These kids has always walk too much on this place. When we'll conquer it, the mighty will be free to take whatever they want. Because a wolf's belly is never full

Goliath: But these kids will make a lot trouble to us.

Blackjack: Kids is yesterday's message

A clapped-out, distracted regime

Whose failings undoubtedly presage

The need for a different dream

Yes, humane times are a-changin'

Which means that wolves must too

My vision is clear and wide-ranging

And even encompasses you

So prepare for the coup of the century

Prepare for the murkiest scam

Meticulous planning, tenacity spanning

Decades of denial is simply why I'll be king

Undisputed, respected, saluted

And seen for the wonder I am

Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared

Be prepared

Be prepared, be prepared

Other wolves: (Be prepared, be prepared)

Blackjack: Be prepared

Other wolves: (Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared)

Blackjack: Be prepared

Other wolves: (Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared, be prepared) (Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared)

Other wolves: (Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared)

Blackjack: Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared

Be prepared!

(Wolf howls)

(Alex walks through the park and looking around. He sees baby raccoons playing.)

Alex: Blackjack and other wolves hates raccoons, but I don't think in these something bad.

(Baby Raccoons sees a beetle flying next to them and begin chase it. Alex sees Lotta walking)

Alex: That's the one of these kids.

(Lotta sees baby raccoons chasing beetle while playing)

Lotta: Aww, how so sweet, when they playng.

(Alex sees this, but he noticed a pit, which they unconsciously approach.)

(Lotta sees baby raccoons eanred catch a beetle but they comes unconsciously near the pit.)

Lotta: Oh gosh! Lotta is coming! I'll save you.

(Alex moves to rescue)

(Baby raccoons almos didn't fall into the pit until Lotta catch them)

Lotta: I Gotcha!

(Lotta realizes that she's too close the pit)

Lotta: O oh... (she scream thinking she falls but someone catch her and pull back. Lotta sees that in the ground)

Lotta: Uff, we're safe.

Lotta (sees Alex the Teenage Wolf): (Gasps) It's you! But... You saved me? How?

(Alex growls friendly)

Lotta: Well, thank you. Hey... I guess you're not the same as the other wolves, hm?

(Alex barks agreeing with her)

Lotta: Well, I'm Lotta. And you, what's your name?

(Alex barks and growls while talking)

Lotta: Alex, you say. Nice to meet ya, Alex. Thank you for saving us.

(Baby Raccoons comes to Alex and hugs him)

Lotta: Aww, how's lovely sweet. They liked you.

(Audrey, Dot and Richie supervise the preparations for anniversary of Harvey Street's founding, Lotta comes with baby raccoons)

Lotta: Hi gus.

Richie: Oh Hi Lotta.

Lotta: You can't believe what happened.

Dot: I dunno. So what was it?

Lotta: I watched when the baby racoons chased the beetle, but thay almos fall into pit, but I rescued, but I almost fall in to the pit, but someone saved me.

Audrey: Wow. So who was a savior?

Lotta: I present to you: Alex.

(Alex the teenage wolf comes)

(Audrey, Dot and Richie gasps)

Audrey: Lotta... it's a wolf!

Dot: You don't remember the wolf pack's previous attack?

Lotta: But he saved me. He's not the same as other wolves.

Richie: But Lotta. This is a wolf and wolves have no friends.

Audrey: Yeah! You can't befriend with wolf. Besides wolves like bunnies...

Lotta: Really?

Audrey: Yeah of course... but for the lunch!

Lotta: (gasp) How could you say like that? Alex is a diffrent wolf. He's friendly, kind and beside of this: He saved me and baby raccoons, who already liked him. See?

(Alex plays with baby raccoons)

Dot: Yeah. I see.

Lotta: Do you believe me now? I'm your friend. Did I ever lied you?

Audrey: Nope

Dot: Never.

Richie: I guess you're right.

Lotta: Good.

Audrey: I will listen you. But remember wolfie! (shows gesture "I wathcing you")

(Lotta plays with Alex, while Audrey, Dot and Richie supervise the preparations)

(Audrey look at Lotta and Alex)

Audrey: Look at this. They plays carefree, but she doesn't realize that she dance with beast.

Dot: But Audrey. You heard Lotta. He saved her and baby raccoons from fall to the pit.

Audrey: But I don't have a trust to this wolf. What if the leader of Wolf Pack sended him on spying?

Richie: Don't be paranoid, Aud. Besided they get along very well.

(They sees, Lotta petting Alex, while bunnies joins to their fun)

Audrey: Well, maybe so. Anyway we need to be sure that nothing will ruin the celebrity of anniversary.

(While the Blackjack with Goliath and Doofus watching from hide)

Blackjack: Yes... our plan works

Doofus: Uh... I don't get it. Why Alex plays with that big blondie instead of eat her right now?

Blackjack: Shut up, Doofus. That was what it was about. The first phase was to gain the trust of these kids. But next one will come with time.

Goliath: I guess you want get rid of these unwanted adversaries like them? But why did you send Alex instead me. He's a cub yet.

Blackjack: Alex know what he doing, and I have trust to him.

(Lucretia, The Bow and Gerald prapares some food on stalls and Fredo, Melvin and Pinkeye prepares a games stand)

Dot: There should b a place where I can set up the fireworks.

(Walking to the fireworks that Coral and Lola were setting up for, Dot almost slipped on one firework.)

Dot: Oh, no! Coral, Lola, everybody else! Run!

(Fereworks fly up and explode everywhere. The kids start running for cover.)

(In a house, a kid is watching "The Adventures of the Horn-A-Corns", and a commercial break is about to start.)

Announcer: "The Adventures of the Horn-A-Corns" will be right back, on Harveylodeon.

Todd: Breaking news! Upon the midst of Harvey Street's anniversary celebrity, there has been bursts of fireworks around the park! Now the fireworks display is canceled!

(Back to the set up)

Dot: Oh no! Help me, Curie!

(A ghost Marie Curie appears, giving Dot a magic radium fireworks wand)

Dot: Thank you. That's I needed.

Marie Curie: Youre welcome as always.

Dot: I have the magic radium fireworks wand needed to fireworks display. Audrey?

(Audrey look at Lotta and Alex playing with each other)

Audrey: I have bad feelings...

Dot: For what?

Audrey: Lotta befriended with the wolf, although we know practically nothing about him from the first meeting.

Dot: Don't be sceptical.

Lotta: Well, that was good fun. Anyway Harvey Street's anniversary will start soon. See ya later.

(Alex nodded and leave. He walk in the woods)

Alex: I must admit. She's very nice.

(Alex encounters Blackjack, Goliath and Doofus)

Alex: Boss?

Blackjack: Greetings Alex. I started to get impatient. What have you been doing for a long time?

Alex: I... I was having fun...?

(Blackjack and Goliath and Doofus laughs)

Blackjack: Having fun? With those kids!?

Alex: Only with Lotta. And she's very nice....

(Blackjack slaps Alex into face).

Blackjack: Are you forgot that you have a task!? You had learn about everything what they plan! Instead this you was having fun with the kid!? Fraternizing with those human lambs means betrayal of the pack!

Alex: I.... I had to gain their trust! That was part of the plan!

Goliath: Gain their trust? Nice excuse.

Doofus: Yeah. Nice excuese that... I don't get it.

Blackjack: I guess... you're right Blackjack. I don't know how, but you did well.

Goliath: Are you serious!? What are you talking abot boss?

Blacjkack: Shut up! (turns to Alex). Well done Alex. I thought that you failed this task. Now as the next plan (he whispers something to Alex' hear)

Alex: What? You want me to lure Harvey Girls to to the trap to get rid of them?

Blackjack: If you don't like it, I can find someone to replace you and as proof that you don't belong to our pack.

(Alex hesitates)

Alex: Alright. I'll do it... boss.

Blackjack: Good boy. Now go. Let me know when you do.

(Blacjack with henchwolves leave)

Alex: Oh boy... I will regret it.

(The kids are preparing for Harvey Street's anniversary. Dot works on fireworks, Audrey oversees game and entertainment stands, Lotta prepare various foods and snacks.)

(Alex comes to Lotta)

Lotta: Oh, Hi Alex.

Audrey: What he want this time? Is he don' se that we're busy?

Lotta: I guess he wants something.

(He barks said: I want show something)

Lotta: You want show something? Surprise?

Dot: You believe him?

Lotta: Trust me. He want show something. Follow up him.

(Harvey Girls follow ups to Alex in the forest to the cave)

Dot: Um... but I don't see nothing there...

(Suddenly the boulder slides blocking the exit from the cave.)

Audrey: It was trap!

(Lotta tries to push up)

Lotta: Alex... why?

Audrey: I knew it that we shoudn't trust a wolf!

Goliath: That should stop them.

Blackjack: Yup. Now after we get rid of them, we can prepare our attack.

Alex: Girls... I'm sorry.

Blackjack: What you waiting for? Let's move.

Richie: Where Audrey and girls? Thaty's weird...

(Comes Sues and talk something)

Richie: Sues? What you doing here?

(Sues chatters)

Richie: They what? They trapped in cave? How?

(Sues chatters and imitated a wolf howling and pushing a boulder which blocked a cave)

Richie: Okay, I'll be there soon! Gloria you need stay here and supervision this. I come to Harvey Girls. You're not a regular kid, you're only a baby.

Gloria: (talks babyish)

Dot: Okay Richie. Good luck.

(Richie with his robot and Sues goes to save Harvey Girls)

Gloria: No.

Dot: (gasps) When did you start saying words?

Gloria: No.

Lotta: I guess "no" is her first word.

Gloria: No.

Richie: (walks to Gloria and gasps) You said a word?

Gloria: No.

Richie: No?

Gloria: No.

Richie: (picks Gloria up) Okay Everyone. Keep calm.

(Blackjack and wolves watches this and sneak to attack the kids)

(Meanwhile in cave. Lotta tris to push the boulder)

Lotta: I'm sorry, girls. I thought Alex is a diffrent, but I was wrong.

Audrey: What we gonna do? The wolves want ruins our anniversary of Harvey Street's founding!

Dot: Eh, And we stuck here trapped in this cave. It's come to this.

(Dot hit a fist on bulder, but hears a moving away the boulder.

Dot: Oh, I didn't knew that I have so much strength...

Audrey: Because you don't. Look its moving.

(The boulder is moved away by Richie's robot and Richie is standing outside.)

Richie: Howdy girls.

Harvey Girls: Richie!

Audrey: How did you found ous?

Richie: Let's say that some racoon told me where I find you.

(Sues nodded)

Audrey: Well, Sues, you're really smart beast. All right guys! Let's move to stop wolf pack!

Dot: And save anniversary of Harvey Street's founding!

(The kids unites to face off the wolves)

(Dot uses the drone armed with cannon with peas to chase off wolves)

(The wolfes surrounded Lucretia, Tiny and he Bow)

The Bow: I seen many scary thing in my life... So, gonna show to you something... really scary? (To Lucretia and Tiny) Cover up your eyes.

(The Bow shows the creepy face in off-screen to wolves' horror and they run away.)

Lucretia: What was that?

The Bow (with a regular show): I showed some trick to them.

(Noticing Tiny, Lotta picks him up.)

Lotta: It's okay, but one question. Do you like fireworks?

Tiny: Yeah. More than I like. I love these things.

Lotta: That's great. So, I have a weapon, some fireworks bombs.

(Lotta threw a fireworks bombs and explodes shimmering a colors, which scares off the wolves)

Lotta: What you think?

The Bow: This is bombastic!

Tiny: That's something new.

Dot: Aw, snap no!

Lotta: What? I just use them to scare off the wolves.

Dot: First you would ask if you can use fireworks materials and then use them.

Lotta: Sorry. Anyway they're safe.

(They didn't notices that Blackjack comes closer to Lotta. Alex sees this)

Alex: Oh no...

(Alex moves to rescue Lotta. Lotta in slow-motion turn back and sees Blackjack jumps to attack Lotta, but Alex knock out him. Lotta sees this.)

Lotta: Alex! You... you saved me! I knew it that you're good wolf.

(Blackjack gets up barely and glares at Alex. Blackjack growls at him)

Blackjack: What are you doing!?

Alex: Leave. The Kids. Alone!

(Blackjack glares at Alex)

Blackjack: Fine. Let's settle it among ourselves, traitor.

(The fight between Alex and Blacjkack beginning. Blackjack slaps at Alex' snout, but Alex counter attack and pounce at Blackjack tries bite him. Blackjack kick off him and charges at Alex, but he gets up and attack Blackjack) Lotta: Go Alex!

(Alex slaps with the paws at Blackjack's snout. Blackjack catches with jaws by Alex neck and threw at ground. Alex sees that Blackjack jumps thoward him, but Alex managed kick off Blackjack knocking out him)

(Alex glare at Blackjack, who got up. To him joins Goliath and Doofus. They sees that Harvey Girls, Richie, Alex and other kids stand up agains them. Blackjack growling barks as sign of retreat in result the wolves retreat. Blackjack turn to kids glaring at them.)

Blackjack: This time you won. But we will meet again, Harvey Lambs.

(The wolves leaves)

(Harvey Girls and other enjoys with the victory)

Audrey: Lotta... we're sorry for we didn't believe you.

Dot: Yeah. I guess not all wolves are bad like Blackjack.

Lotta: It's okay. I accept your apology. Thanks to Alex.

(Alex liks Audrey into face, while she laugh)

Audrey: Okay, stop.

(Sues with the other racoons and their babies comes to them and Alex joins to raccoon's group)

Audrey: Wow. Who would have expected, that Wolf will be part of raccoons group.

Dot: Yup. That's a surprise. Bit pity, that the day is ruined.

Richie Rich: Well, maybe all is not lost yet. We still save our anniversary of Harvey Street's founding. We just need bring everything to the order.

(The kids have put everything in order and are starting to celebrate the anniversary of Harvey Street's founding)

Dot: All right folks. Showtime!

(Crush4You start singing "Not all Bad Wolf". Everyone threw apples and pears after the song)

Xaden: Hey, why aren't you cheering and throwing fruit?

Kids: Booooooooo!

Xaden: Alright. And now, for our next song...

(Dot appears on the stage)

Dot: Enough talk, I'm very sorry!

Mortimer: But you weren't supposed to interrupt our show!

Dot: I don't care. (To the crowd) I'm sorry for our 20th anniversary celebration of Harvey Street's founding, and I'm also sorry for the fireworks.

Audrey: It's okay, Dot. Maybe in the next anniversary, probably the 25th, you should have more fireworks?

Dot: Guys, calm down. I know what to do instead.

(With her radium wand from Curie's ghost, Dot was making the fireworks on the sky with the many colors and the various kinds, she did waterfalls, brocades, crossettes, etc. It was the best fireworks show ever.)

Kids: Oooh! Ahh!

Audrey: Happy Harvey Street's founding, folks!

(Fireworks appears forming "The End" script in colors)

Blackjack: "The End"? We got one more song while it does before those credits. Hit it!

(The Mantid Man song)

Wolves: (singing) Kachicka, kachooka, kachicka, chicka, chicka! / Kow, kow, kow kow ka-chow!

Who could say his prayers?

When he's eating lunch.


And you'd better believe that I'm munchin', man,.

The Mantid Man (can)!

The mantid man can.

The mantid man can when he bites down on your skull.

And sucks out all your brains.

And mmm it tastes good.

Who can eat his siblings?

And his mom and dad!

The mantid man, the mantid man can!

The mantid man can when bites down all your skull.

And sucks out all your brains.

And "mmm" it tastes good.

And "mmm" it is yummy, man.

I know it tastes real good.

Mmm, mmm, mmm! I'm munchin'

The End.

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