The Harvey Boys are a group of boys looking like the Harvey Girls. They are also their brother cousins.

Harvey Boys

The boys Adrian, Lachland and Devon.


When the boys first met together, they decided they can make a special pop musical band like Crush4U, which was Lotta's favorite. They went to Audrey's house to meet J-Frog, who was a member of the band and Holly's husband. He was also Adrian's uncle, which he called him "Uncle J-Frog". He taught the boys perfect dance moves that he and his friends were doing. The boys even made their own dances. Their first song was "#1 Boyfriends". Many months after they recorded and released songs for the radio, they did their first concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. After their final song, they were given a standing ovation. Thousands of fans cheered loudly at them as pink smoke emits from the ground.

When they first performed on Harvey Street, kids made cheerful outbursts, even the Harvey Girls. Soon, they were traveling the world and performing songs for over 1000000000000000000000000 people!

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